Ripple Impact Award for Mandla Money in London

Julian Kanjere from Mandla Money recently received an impact award for work on Mandla Money at the Ripple Impact’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) Connect event hosted by the UCL School of Management in London.

Ripple’s UBRI provides students and faculty with strategic guidance, technical resources, and financial support to advance blockchain education around the world. Each year, UBRI hosts the UBRI Connect event which brings scholars, researchers, and thought leaders in the UBRI network to showcase blockchain initiatives, share knowledge, and inspire future research. At this year’s event, various awards were given out, including the 2022 UBRI Impact award which was jointly awarded to Julian Kanjere and Titose Chembezi.

On receiving the award, Julian commented that we couldn’t be more thrilled to receive this recognition for the work towards financial inclusion that the Mandla Money team is putting in, supported the University of Cape Town’s financial innovation hub.

Mandla wallet, which utilities the XRP Ledger, allows users to receive, transact and store value using digital assets via SMS, with no need for a smartphone or an internet connection. This has the potential to accelerate financial inclusion in emerging economies.

Special thanks to UBRI for their efforts towards championing blockchain research and development in academia, and the UCL School of Management for hosting the event.

You can watch the UBRI Connect 2022 Awards and Closing Remarks here: